Publishers Seminar, Vienna, 2007



Thursday, October 25

  • Opening of the seminar and welcome address by Rik De Nolf, the EBP President
  • Christian Seiler, CEO Red-bull-media: „Red bull comes from a can, our papers come out of a truck”
  • Michael Grabner, Michael Grabner Media, former Georg von Holtzbrinck vice-chairman: „And now the full truth” – an ex post view on 16 exiting years in Germany”
  • Marketing by sawdust – an exclusive visit to the Lipizzan horses morning training
  • Hans Mahr, RTL: „Too strong to die, too weak to live – how to survive in the new media jungle”
  • Eva Dichand, Publisher & CEO of free sheets „Heute” and „Life” (half a million copies): „Do I want to kill you?”
  • Wolfgang Zekert, CEO „Oesterreich”: „The most exciting and successful launch of a newspaper in this century”
  • Michael Palzer, speaker of RZB and Raiffeisen International: „Building empires from communist ruins – and how the media can be the mortar”
  • Niels Barfod, Børsen (in cooperation with Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies): Disruptive technologies in media tech. The next ten years with internet..:

Friday, October 26

  • Dr. Andrej Vizjak, Partner at AT Kearney: “Niche champions in media business”
  • Olivier Daufrasne, IPSOS: “How to create an European survey ? How was the IPSOS Decision makers created and why?”
  • Hans Gasser, CEO „Wirtschaftsblatt”: „Small Country – big online ventures”