Publishers Seminar, Rome, 2004

Publishers Seminar 21/22 October, Rome 2004

Thursday, 21 October

1st module – advertising sales

Welcome address of EBP President Ralph Büchi

  • An overview of the advertising business in 2004 – Massimo Costa, President and CEO of Young & Rubicam Italy
  • Feedback on the questionnaire “Advertising climate 2005 – The Publishers’ point of view” – Gerd Bielenberg, GWP (Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt)
  • The global advertising strategy of Allianz (what advertisers expect from media) – Bianca Brück Sartorius, OMD
  • Success of lifestyle supplements – Giulia Pessani and Enrico Torboli, Milano Finanza; a view of a client will be presented by Michele Norsa, Valentino

2nd module – circulation

  • Kauppalehti Saturday edition – Hannu Leinonen
  • Dagens Naeringsliv success story: from 20.000 to 70.000 subscribers – Gislaug Rydland
  • Trends, a brand in different appearances – Dirk Vandekerckhove
  • Reaching 1 % penetration in a very small market – Jurij Giacomelli, Finance

Friday, 22 October

3rd module – content redistribution/new business models

  • Borsen Business Net story – Jes Moller and Jens Nicolaisen
  • French publishers and vertical surveys the example of IPSOS Financial Decision Makers” – Alice Suric and Marie-Louise Roedler, La Tribune
  • Maximising revenue from secondary distribution – ewspaper Licensing Agency
  • Handling copyright issues at het Financeele Dagblad – Jelle Buizer
  • Legal aspect of redistribution/copyright – Slobodan Sibincic