Publishers Seminar, Lisbon, 2006

Thursday, 26 October
Welcome address by Ralph Büchi, EBP President

  • Internet strategy of Les Echos – Philippe Jannet, Director of electronic information of Les Echos
  • Multimedia strategy of het Financieele Dagblad – Jelle Buizer, Internet Product Manager of het Financieele Dagblad
  • Børsen’s strategy on free vs. paid-for information and how did Børsen respond to recent freesheet explosion  – Jes Richard Møller, Marketing Director of Børsen
  • Free vs. paid-for information  – a view of a freesheet publisher Hervé Pointillard (former CEO of 20 minutes)
  • Building your Brand through Digital Offerings – videoconference with Claudia Flowers, Senior Vice President and Steve Ennen Vice President of American Business Media
  • Article about the future of newspapers, published in the Economist in August 2006 – summary presented by Slobodan Sibincic, EBP Secretary General
  • Round table discussion about strategies on free vs. paid-for information and internet, moderator: Christian Rainer, Editor-in-Chief of trend

Friday, 27 October

  • What do advertisers expect from business papers? – Jorge Castela, leading Portugese marketing expert
  • How to find new niche markets for the new business opportunities? – Joao Luis de Sousa, Vida Económica
  • Gentleman – two years after – Giulia Pessani and Carlo Parpinelli, Milano Finanza
  • “ – going beyond the plain online information source” – Pedro Vozone, Director of Purchasing and Business Development