Editors’ Seminar, Amsterdam, 2005

Editors Seminar Amsterdam, 3 and 4 March 2005

Thursday, 3 March 
1st module – the future of financial journalism:

Welcome address of EBP President Ralph Büchi

  • Presentation of Het Financieele Dagblad – Giselle van Cann, FD
  • Is financial journalism in crisis? – Harry Lockefeer, former editor of De Volkskrant,
  • How to keep high editorial standards in an increasingly commercialized environment – Piet Depuydt, Trends
  • Success of Forbes in Russia and Poland – Tomasz Wroblewski and Marcin Piasecki, Axel Springer Polska

    2nd module – financial scandals:

  • The Ahold story – Michiel van den Bosch, Senior vice president legal
  • Research on financial scandals – Kees Cools, the University of Groningen
  • Round table: how did business press contribute to financial scandals and how to regain the trust of readers? Moderator: Christian Rainer, trend; participants will be editors of leading European business newspapers and magazines
  • Are quotations shifting from hardcopy to internet – Danny Bresseleers, Tijd Beursmedia
  • From zero to six million readers within a decade. The success story of two brothers and their „News” – magazine group – Stefan Grossek

Friday, 4 March 
3rd module – integration of paper and internet:

  • Advantages of focusing on one media – Michiel Bicker Caarten, Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Advantages of integrated systems – Eero Tuomisto, Kauppalehti
  • Roundtable: upsides and downsides of both solutions: moderator: Eero Tuomisto
  • Advertorials, supplements, special editions: opportunities and traps – Dr. Rainer Zimmermann, CEO of Pleon Europe