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European Business Press was founded almost 60 years ago in Como, a small and elegant Italian city. In 1962, the consequences of World War II were still present physically and psychologically in every country. A group of publishers of business press showed determination to create a common spirit of respect and cooperation and to contribute to the idea of a united Europe when such idea seemed like a distant dream. Technology and freedom of travel were profoundly different than today therefore it was more difficult to make that spirit grow but the EBP founding partners and the publishers that joined in later succeeded in making the EBP one of the most representative pan European associations.

The role of EBP is even more important in a time when European Union, and the principles on which it was founded, are losing momentum. Current challenges for business media are remarkably different today but not less difficult than in 1962. Business climate is rather discouraging. Most of traditional advertisers in business newspapers are facing a serious crisis. At the same time, a growing concentration of banks and corporations potentially threatens the competition and with it everything that free press stands for.

Besides through press the information today are spread through TV, radio, web, mobile devices, tablets and social networks. Quality journalism requires continuous investment however the new media lower the entry barriers and open the opportunity for new players. Despite the fact that everybody can be a journalist today the EBP must aim for higher professional standards in publishing industry. EBP is a network of professionals that interact continuously in order to share ideas, look for new opportunities or just seek second opinions on how to solve strategic or operational problems.

Our door is open to new members, from print business publications to websites and business TV or radio channels.

Christian Rainer

EBP President

Slobodan Sibincic

EBP Secretary General

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European Business Press counts 31 leading European business publications from 22 countries.
From the very beginning the aim of the EBP was to contribute to a united Europe and to develop a European spirit among the members. The EBP activities range from those promoting its role as a leading facilitator of high standards in the information business to that of developer of new business models. In recent years the EBP has become active, in cooperation with other professional publishing associations, in creating and influencing EU policies that are important for the development of sound business environment for newspaper and magazine publishing.

The EBP members meet every year on seminars for publishers and editors where they present each other their successful business models and exchange experience. These events have become important channels for enhancing cooperation among members resulting in a number of successful joint ventures, license agreements, franchises and other types of cooperation.

At their annual meetings the EBP members discuss strategic and practical issues related with their own organization. At the same event members present the European Manager of the Year Award to the most outstanding business leader in the past year.

Most members have already a large share of its revenues from digital activities. Some of the members who have joined EBP in past 5 years have digital products only.

The economic uncertainty after the last crisis has increased the need for quality business information. Most EBP members have seized this opportunity which reflects in their improved results. This is a great opportunity for EBP members to rethink their business models and become frontrunners in introducing new technologies in media industry.