The role of EBP is even more important in a time when European Union, and the principles on which it was founded, are losing momentum.

European Business Press was founded over 60 years ago in Como, a small and elegant Italian city. In 1962, the consequences of World War II were still present physically and psychologically in every country. A group of publishers of business press showed determination to create a common spirit of respect and cooperation and to contribute to the idea of a united Europe when such idea seemed like a distant dream.

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European Business Press counts 31 leading European business publications from 22 countries.

From the very beginning the aim of the EBP was to contribute to a united Europe and to develop a European spirit among the members. The EBP activities range from those promoting its role as a leading facilitator of high standards in the information business to that of developer of new business models. In recent years the EBP has become active, in cooperation with other professional publishing associations, in creating and influencing EU policies that are important for the development of sound business environment for newspaper and magazine publishing.