Executive Committee

The Executive Committee takes all important decisions of the EBP. It usually consists of 12 committee members from the various member publications. Committee members are elected for 2 years and can be reelected.
committee-bonnier2 Hans-Jacob Bonnier (President) committee-reiner2 Christian Rainer (Vice-President) committee-gerckens2 Pierre Gerckens (Honorary President)
committee-gabriele-capolino2 Gabriele Capolino, (Treasurer) committee-sibincic2 Slobodan Sibincic (Secretary General) committee-ahosniemi2 Arno Ahosniemi
committee-barysas2 Rolandas Barysas
Xavier Bouckaert committee-guldag2
Hakan Güldag
committee-christophe-leclercq2 Christoph Leclercq nick_primm
Nick Pimm committee-rieper2 Ingo Rieper
Alexandra-Bobolini Alexandra Vovolini



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EBP Annual Meeting, September 6 - 8, Copenhagen